About Us

Brilliant Software Inc is a leader in HIPAA compliant tracking software platforms. It's ChiroThinTracker is the official client management and tracking software for ChiroThin, the Chiropractic industry standard for doctors who use weight loss in their practices. ChiroThin has had over 120,000 clients go through their program. The ChiroThinTracker is the industry's best practices for weight loss client management and tracking. Many ChiroThinTracker subscribers have asked for a laser tracking platform to track their red light therapy clients just like what they are using to track their ChiroThin weight loss clients.

Company president and founder, John Schellenberg, DC owns a licensed ChiroThin Facility and has previously owned a red light therapy device. He has first hand knowledge of the clinical workings of the industry and has already provided the solution to the problems of tracking weight loss clients. Brilliant Software is built from the perspective of the clinician's need for better records, more efficient and HIPAA compliant client training and communication processes and a steady stream of repeat and referral business. It is also built with the client's wants and needs for an app in mind because they want to see their results and to be able to show them to friends and family in an easy to use format - like an app. Lastly, we built the data collection engine into the platform because we know that manufacturers like hard data at their fingertips to show the effectiveness and superiority of their brand.

Our platform is built on the premise of win-win-win.